Release Info "Never Ending"


Tommy founded Godex in 2009 after breaking up with his former Gothic Metal band Thora. In the following years, Tommy experienced some highlights but also various setbacks, which often called his entire musical creativity into question. Nevertheless, Tommy continued his musical path and is now releasing his fifth studio album. Thus, Tommy sets a clear statement. His way with Godex will always goes on, because the love for his music never ends. It quickly became clear, the new album would be called Never Ending.


Rushing waves, the vastness of the sea – what else could be a better symbol of infinity? This is the beginning of the new album and it captivates the listener directly. Accordingly the album starts with its title track and takes the listener on a magical journey. Melancholy, love, darkness, frustration, fear and hope of a salvation, in a currently very gloomy time, are the styles with which Godex enchants the listener. If songs like Never Ending, Sorrow In My Heart, Cold Winter Moon are a little softer, the album builds up step by step, but without losing the catchiness of the music. Songs like We Are The Lost, And The Raven Cries or the infernal Queen Of Babylon characterize the extraordinary power of this new album.

All in all, the new album contains eleven wonderful Gothic, Alternative tracks that cast a spell over the listener from the first to the last minute. 

Release Info "Superstar"


After four albums, two best-of-bundles Godex Gold part one and two, many concerts with bands like Mono Inc., End Of Green, ASP, Lacrimas Profundere, festivals like Blackfield, Castle Rock and a tour with the US band The Crüxshadows , Godex are now releasing a new single.

The single contains two brand new songs. The first track of the single, Superstar, is a very catchy rock song and captivates the listener right from the start. With its keyboards sound, based on the 80s, Superstar reminds of the glory days of Van Halen and Europe, but without losing its independent character.

The second song, So Scared, is a Goth Rock song typical of Godex, which, supported by its unique romance, is another highlight in the history of the band.

This sets the course for an exciting musical summer full of party, action and romance.

Release Info "Gold - Part Two"


Now also Godex - Gold Part Two is completed. After ten years of creativity, concerts and festivals Tommy ends the year 2019 with another six re-recordings of older Godex songs.

The new bundle includes four songs from the Lovesick album, one song from Gates Of The Universe and with Made Of Stone it has brought the song to the book by Simone Deichmann Steinweisen on the current bundle.

Once again, Godex show their versatility and perfectly master the mix between melancholy paired with a good dose of Rock 'n' Roll.

This year, Godex mastermind and songwriter Tommy Tom released eleven videos, and Godex - Gold Part Two will once again feature a video for each song.

Have fun with Godex - Gold Part Two and the new upcoming videos.

Release Info "Gold - Part One"


After four full time albums, a lot of concerts support shows for bands like Mono Inc., End Of Green, Lacrimas Profundere, ASP, festivals like Blackfield and Castle Rock and a very successful Germany tour together with the US Band The Crüxshadows, Godex now exists for a full 10 years!

From 2009 to 2019 Godex performs their very own Gothic Rock Style.

Of course, this is a reason to celebrate, so Godex singer and songwriter Tommy Tom decided to start re-recording older Godex songs earlier this year.

And so you could call this download bundle certainly a kind of best of album, but Tommy limited himself to re-recordings of some Gates Of The Universe tracks and many Lovesick songs.

Especially outstanding is the new recording of Miss You. Miss You is one of the most successful Lovesick songs and one of the best Godex ballads ever!

For this new recording Tommy hired the Schlagwetter singer Kevin Spiegel who composed a new verse giving the music a whole new and unique touch. With their very individual voices, Tommy and Kevin are in perfect harmony, making the song an outstanding listening experience.

The present album contains eight songs that present many facets of the music of Godex and will of course be continued with the next bundle.

Godex – Gold Part Two is coming soon!



Release Info "The Heart Collector"

(Deutsche Version im Anschluss.)

With this newly-released fourth studio album, “The Heart Collector”, GODEX have taken a new direction. Whereas the previous albums were produced by the singer and mastermind of GODEX, Tommy Tom himself, for “The Heart Collector” the band brought in notable and prominent help. For no one less than the production legend, Siggi Bemm, took over the musical direction. The two months of work at the Woodhouse Studios has really paid off.
Siggi, who has worked with, among others, artists such as Tiamat, Lindenberg and Maffay, has wonderfully summed up the band’s musical expression. Starting with a concertante, classic introduction GODEX, straight away with their first song, the album’s title track, develop their fantastic hit potential and captivate the listener from the word go.
With no-nonsense Gothic Rock, “The Heart Collector” wins over those who know the scene
and immediately reminds us of the heydays of HIM and then continues with a mid-tempo
number that brims over with emotion and carries the listener off into the melodic, melancholic
Goth Rock world of GODEX.
Sometimes rock-like, sometimes sentimentally sad and moving, the listener will experience
an album a cut above the rest that leads from one highlight to the next. Alongside classic
ballads and catchy up-tempo songs, the album also contains the ultimate anthem “Glory
Glitter and Gold”. Using shuffled rhythm, modern sounds and danceable loops, GODEX have
created a great classic that can keep up with comparable anthems such as “Wind of Change”
by the Scorpions or Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”.
And so the musical journey continues. The delicate and lyrical “Hopes and Dreams”, followed
by the fast and harder “The Frozen One” will enchant the listener and reveal singer Tommy
Tom’s fragile inner life whose distinctive voice gives the whole piece a truly special touch.
The album is rounded off by the warm and lively sound of Siggi Bemm who has created here
a masterpiece drawing on the great Woodhouse albums such as Theatre of Tragedy’s
“Aegis” or Tiamat’s “Wildhoney”. The production is full of energy and enthusiasm and so
clearly sets itself apart from anything else out there at the moment. The spirit of the 70s
combined with present day maturity leaves nothing to be desired.
Summed up, “The Heart Collector” contains 14 songs that in one perfect structure illustrate
GODEX’ versatility and conclusively establishes GODEX as a new star in the universe of


Mit dem hier nun vorliegenden vierten Studioalbum „The Heart Collector“ sind GODEX einen ganz neuen Weg gegangen. Waren die Vorgängeralben noch von Sänger und Mastermind Tommy Tom selbst produziert worden, hat sich die Band für „The Heart Collector“ namhafte und prominente Unterstützung mit ins Boot geholt. Denn kein anderer als Producerlegende Siggi Bemm hat hier die musikalische Regie übernommen. Und die über zweimonatige Arbeitszeit in den Woodhouse Studios hat sich absolut gelohnt. Siggi, der unter anderem schon mit Künstlern wie Tiamat, Lindenberg und Maffay zusammengearbeitet hat, bringt die musikalischen Aussagen der Band grandios auf den Punkt.

Beginnend mit einer konzertanten, klassischen Einleitung entfalten GODEX gleich mit dem ersten Song, der auch Namensgeber des Albums ist, ihr fantastisches Hit Potential und fesseln den Zuhörer von der ersten Minute an.

„The Heart Collector“ besticht durch gradlinigen Gothic Rock, den Kenner der Szene gleich an die Glanzzeiten vom HIM erinnert, und geht weiter mit einer midtempo Nummer, die nur so von Emotionen strotzt und den Zuhörer weiter in die melodiöse, melancholische Goth Rock Welt von GODEX entführt.

Mal rockig, mal gefühlvoll traurig und ergreifend, erlebt der Zuhörer ein Album der absoluten Extraklasse, welches ihn von einem Highlight zum nächsten führt. Neben klassischen Balladen und einprägsamen uptempo Songs findet sich mit „Glory Glitter And Gold“ eine absolute Hymne auf dem Album. Mit einem geshuffelten Rhythmus, modernen Sounds und tanzbaren Loops bieten GODEX einen ganz großen Klassiker an, der auch mit vergleichbare Hymnen wie „Wind Of Change" oder Pink Floyds „The Wall“ mithalten kann.

Und so nimmt die musikalische Reise ihren Lauf. Ein zartes und gefühlvolles „Hopes And Dreams“, gefolgt vom schnellen und härteren „The Frozen One“ verzaubert den Zuhörer und offenbart ihm das fragile Innenleben von Sänger Tommy Tom, der durch seine markante Stimme dem gesamten Werk eine ganz eigene Note gibt.

Abgerundet wird das Album durch den warmen und lebendigen Sound von Siggi Bemm, der hier ein Meisterwerk erschaffen hat und an große Woodhouse Alben wie Theatre Of Tragedys „Aegis“ oder Tiamats „Wildhoney“ anknüpft. Die Produktion ist voller Energie und Spielfreude und hebt sich dadurch von allem, was momentan auf dem Markt ist, ganz wesentlich ab. Der Spirit der 70er, kombiniert mit der Reife der heutigen Zeit, lässt keine Wünsche offen.

Zusammengefasst beinhaltet „The Heart Collector“ 14 Songs, die in einem perfekten Spannungsbogen die Vielseitigkeit von GODEX verdeutlichen und GODEX als neuen Stern im Musikuniversum endgültig etablieren.